350 UNCW is a student-led organization that thrives thanks to our dedicated members and leaders. We are always growing. Send us an email at 350@uncw.edu if you would like to join our team of volunteers!


Kaiti Sheehan is a senior double majoring in Marine Biology and Environmental Science with a minor in Non-profit Management. She has a strong passion for ocean conservation, specifically targeting threatened and endangered species that the public is generally apathetic towards, with a special interest in Elasmobranchs. Kaiti originally found her love for the ocean while working on REEF surveys studying biodiversity off the coast of seven islands in the Caribbean. As President of 350 UNCW, Kaiti hopes to make a lasting impact on a community she has called home for four years and feels that divesting UNCW is taking a step in the right direction. Her goals in the future are set towards environmental policy work where she hopes to invoke large scale change one law at a time.

Daniel Gee is a sophomore at UNCW majoring in Environmental Science with a double minor in Biology and Political Science. Daniel is originally from Akron, Ohio, where he developed a strong passion for community involvement and keeping the world a healthier place through helping to solve environmental and societal issues. As Vice President of 350UNCW, Daniel hopes to create a greater out-reach to the Wilmington community through this organization and help keep this beautiful city, and the world, free of environmental harm. His future goals include working internationally to create sustainable practices for large-scale companies and organizations by helping them merge into green energy!

Shelby Diehl is a sophomore at UNCW majoring in Environmental Science with interest in pursuing environmental policy and management. She loves exploring new ecosystems, but also resting at home with her pets. As Secretary of 350 UNCW, Shelby aims to educate her peers on the lasting impacts of climate change and encourage their actions to resolve the problem at hand. The climate crisis is among many environmental problems, but she believes it is the issue that determines the future of humankind.



Jessica Scudella is a double major in Environmental Science with a concentration in conservation and Political Science with a minor in Leadership Studies. She loves to explore nature and go to the beach. Jessica also works with the Plastic Ocean Project as the Committee Leader of the Environmental Legislation Committee. The environment and how we are investing in it is really important to her and she believes that the first step towards the future is to divest UNCW. As Treasurer of 350, she hopes to play a role in the divestment of UNCW and the continuous movement of environmental ideas on campus.  She plans on focusing on environmental policy and activism while being able to figure out more sustainable practices that can be implemented throughout the world.