350 UNCW is a student-led organization that thrives thanks to our dedicated members and leaders. We are always growing. Send us an email at 350@uncw.edu if you would like to join our team of volunteers!


Diandre’ Richie is a junior at UNCW majoring in environmental science with a concentration in biological sciences and a minor in business. Diandre’ loves the beach, hanging out with friends and going out and doing field research. As President of 350 UNCW, Diandre’ aims to contribute his time and efforts to the greater cause of divestment within UNCW and continue the movement of environmental ideas and awareness on campus. Diandre’ is also an Undergraduate Research Assistant for the Coastal and Estuarine Studies Lab and is a Southeast Advisory Member for the Coastal Federation. In the future, he hopes to create and implement sustainable developments within businesses as a Chief Sustainability Officer.

Looking for a leadership role? Well we’re looking for a Vice President! Send an application with your name, major/minor(s), and why you want to join the 350 executive team to 350@uncw.edu.

Ben Kern is a sophomore at UNCW majoring in psychology with a minor in journalism. Ben loves the beach, surfing, and rock climbing. As Secretary of 350 UNCW, he strives to reach as many students as possible and members of the community to help with divestment and other environmental issues on-campus and that the city of Wilmington faces. His future goals are to pursue a career in psychology to become a mental health counselor.


Raquel Haack is a sophomore at UNCW majoring in political science with a concentration in foreign affairs. She spends most of her time at the beach, doing arts and crafts, and hanging out with her cat. As Communications Director of 350 UNCW, Raquel looks forward to doing her part in helping UNCW achieve fossil fuel divestment. Raquel is also involved in Mi Casa, Centro Hispano, and UNCW Plastic Ocean Project on-campus. After graduation, Raquel wants to engage in diplomatic work at an embassy.

Morgan Rigsbee is a junior at UNCW majoring in environmental engineering with a minor in sustainability. She loves to be outside, crochet, and chill with her cat. As Treasurer of 350 UNCW, Morgan strives to show support for UNCW and the Wilmington community in sustainable endeavors as well as raise awareness to the public about the importance of sustainable choices. Morgan’s goal for the future is to continue working with the community on a local and statewide level to help achieve a more sustainable lifestyle.