350 UNCW is a student-led organization that thrives thanks to our dedicated members and leaders. We are always growing. Send us an email at 350@uncw.edu if you would like to join our team of volunteers!


Shelby Diehl is a sophomore at UNCW majoring in Environmental Science and Pre-Creative Writing. Shelby’s passion for conservation stems from being raised in Northern Michigan where she had the opportunity to experience much of what nature has to offer, but also witness the damage being done by humans. As President of 350 UNCW, Shelby aims to educate her peers on the impacts of climate change and advocate for the divestment of UNCW. Her future goals include pursuing a career in environmental writing through journalism, social media, and other methods of literary advocacy. Shelby also works with UNCW Plastic Ocean Project as the Research Committee Leader.

Jessica Scudella is a junior at UNCW majoring in Environmental Science with a concentration in conservation and Political Science with a minor in Leadership Studies. She loves to explore nature and go to the beach. The environment and how we are investing in it is really important to her and she believes that the first step towards the future is to divest UNCW. As Vice President of 350, she hopes to play a role in the divestment of UNCW and the continuous movement of environmental ideas on campus. She plans on focusing on environmental policy and activism while being able to figure out more sustainable practices that can be implemented throughout the world. Jessica also works with UNCW Plastic Ocean Project as the Environmental Legislation Committee Leader.

Wiktoria Waszelewska is a junior at UNCW majoring in Business Administration concentrating in International Business. Wiktoria was born in Poland but has lived in Manchester, England most of her life. Moving from a rural area to a city made her aware of the issues we face when it comes to keeping our cities clean. As secretary of 350UNCW, Wiktoria hopes to reach as many students as possible to increase involvement and student interest in divestment on campus. After leaving UNCW, Wiktoria plans on returning to North Carolina to pursue law and work within the business sector, particularly focusing on ethics & sustainability.


Daniel Gee is a sophomore at UNCW majoring in International Business with an undecided minor. Daniel is originally from Akron, Ohio, where he developed a strong passion for community involvement and volunteer work. As Treasurer of 350UNCW, Daniel hopes to bring the Wilmington community together through his organization and help keep this city free of environmental harm. His future goals include working internationally to create sustainable practices for companies around the globe!

Alexander Brown is a sophomore/transfer student at UNCW majoring in Environmental Science. Alexander is a Marine Corps Veteran who served four years as a Bulk Fuel Specialist and as a formidable Combat Marksmanship Coach. As a fuels specialist, Alex was able to see the ins and outs of the fossil fuel industry. As communications director of 350 UNCW, Alexander hopes to bring more awareness to the current state of carbon emissions and attract more attention to the organization. Alex also is an official rookie for the UNCW men’s ultimate frisbee team and aspires to be the future president of the UNCW Gardening Club.