350 Wilmington is a local grassroots chapter of the global climate movement organization, 350.org. As such, our mission is their mission. The path to a carbon free future is paved by way of supporting marginalized groups and partnering with community organizations. 350 Wilmington applies this greater mission to their local community, Wilmington: its constituents, representatives, and legislature. 350 Wilmington organizes environmental events that connect community and the local government, to disconnect from any resource or economic dependence on fossil fuels and the industries that harbor them.


350 Wilmington takes action on the global climate crisis, beginning with Wilmington. But we seek global climate equilibrium. A carbon-free New Hanover County, North Carolina, and so on. Passing such legislation requires an alignment of voters and their representatives, in Wilmington, New Hanover, North Carolina, D.C., and the U.N.